Trainor Legal

PantherCorp our Corporate Services Partner

Trainor Legal co-exists in the West Perth Business precinct with its Corporate Services Partner PantherCorp CST Pty Ltd.

Together, Trainor Legal and PantherCorp provide seamless service to over 150 Accounting and Financial Services Professional firms in Western Australia and South Australia.

PantherCorp is a locally based Australian company and is one of the leading suppliers of companies and other "off the shelf" documents in Western Australia.

PantherCorp incorporates the full range of companies (including shelf companies) and provides extensive Corporate Registry services, together with new super funds and super fund updates.

Orders for:

  • Trainor Legal Trust Deeds (Discretionary Trusts, Fixed Unit Trusts, Hybrid Unit Trusts, Super Gearing Bare Trusts, Regulated Profession Service Trusts, Farming Property (Transfer Duty Exempt) Trusts, Property Syndicate Trusts);
  • Trainor Legal related products (Transfers of business real property into super, Acknowledgements of Trust, Division 7A loan agreements, Variations to Trusts, Changes of Trustee, Trust updates, Trust Divorce/Separation deeds, Trust Inclusion/Exclusion of beneficiary deeds, Trust Full/Partial vesting deeds); and
  • many other stand alone documents required by Accountants and other Professionals in the Financial Services Industry

can be conveniently and efficiently placed via the PantherCorp network, for prompt attention by Trainor Legal.

Trainor Legal and PantherCorp – working side by side to satisfy all of your Legal and Corporate Services requirements.

A first class, efficient, one stop shop for Accounting and Financial Services Professionals.

Making your Will, Enduring Power of Attorney and Enduring Power of Guardianship are part of the orderly process of planning your Estate and the importance to your family, beneficiaries and friends of doing this properly cannot be over emphasized. Need help? Contact us