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Business structure set up

(companies, trusts, shareholders' agreements, unitholders' agreements, partnerships, joint ventures)

Business advice

(contract legal review and sign off, negotiations, transactions, directors' duties, shareholders' rights, disputes)

Business transactions

(terms negotiations, contract protection, due diligence, transaction completion)

Estate planning for Business People

(asset protection, high net worth specialisation, tax effective testamentary trusts, wills, powers of attorney)

Business agreements

(business purchase/sale, share sale/subscription, loan, security, lease, licence, management/consultant/contractor)

Business succession planning

(buy/sell agreements, selldown/exit agreements, protection of business goodwill / buyout mechanism on loss / exit / injury of key person)

Business asset protection

(executive employment agreements, goodwill / confidentiality / intellectual property protection, risk assessment, defensive structures, crisis planning)

Estate wrap up

(probate, executor's duties, intestacy, estate administration, redressing unfair wills)

Making your Will, Enduring Power of Attorney and Enduring Power of Guardianship are part of the orderly process of planning your Estate and the importance to your family, beneficiaries and friends of doing this properly cannot be over emphasized. Need help? Contact us